Weber DATR Carburetor Parts
Weber DATR Carburetor Parts

Weber DATR Parts

Weber DATR Carburetor Parts.

On this page you will find all currently available parts for the Weber DATR series.

Please contact us by email if the part that you are looking for is not listed.

Weber DATR Carburetor Parts

Weber DATR Carburetors Rebuild Kit for Fiat and Lancia

Weber DATR Carburetors Service Kit for Fiat and Lancia

Rebuild kit for the Weber DATR32 en DATR34 series carburetors as used on the following cars:

  • Lancia Beta 1300
  • Lancia Beta 1600
  • Lancia Beta 2000
  • Fiat X1/9 1500

Contains all required parts to service 1 carburettor of the following varieties:

  • Weber 34DATR 28/250
  • Weber 32DATR 3/250
  • Weber 32DATR 1/150-250
  • Weber 34DATR 2/150-250

Although these carburetors were originally delivered on the above cars, they are often transplanted onto other cars and engines so the range of vehicles that these service kits might fit is much broader.
Alternatively, your car might no longer be equipped with the carburetor that it left the factory with.

So, please compare your old parts carefully with the ones in the picture as there are many different versions of this carburetor.

Consists, amongst others, of the following parts:

  • Pump diaphragm
  • Complete needle valve (size 150)
  • All required gaskets
  • All required Viton o-rings
  • All required aluminum washers

This is a Carburetor City carburetor rebuild kit.

Weber DATR Carburetors Rebuild Kit for Fiat and Lancia