Weber IDA 3-Barrel Carburetor Parts
Weber IDA 3-Barrel Carburetor Parts

Weber IDA 3C Parts

Weber IDA Triple Barrel carburetor parts.

Please note that there are 2 main versions of the IDA: the 2-barrel version (2C) and the 3-barrel version (3C).
Not all parts are interchangeable.
For the reason, we have decided to make a split between the 2C and 3C.

On this page, you will find the parts pertaining to the 3C version.

The 2C version can be found HERE.

Click HERE for an exploded view drawing of the 3-Barrel version of the Weber IDA, IDAP, IDL, IDPT, IDS, IDT and IF.

The numbers in the drawing correspond to the numbers in brackets at the beginning of the article description.

Please contact us by email if the part that you are looking for is not listed.

Weber IDA 3-Barrel Carburetor Parts

Service kit for Weber IDA 3C 40 and 3C 46 carburetors

Service kit for 2 Weber 3-Barrel carburetors - IDA - IDAP - IDL - IDPT - IDS - IDT - IF

Comprehensive service kit for the Weber IDA 40 and 46 3C carburetors.

Also fits (the 3-barrel versions of):

  • Weber 40 IDAP
  • Weber 40 IDL
  • Weber 40 IDPT
  • Weber 40 IDS
  • Weber 40 IDT
  • Weber 40 IF

The Weber 3-barrel carburetors were used on an array of cars by Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and many more.

Contains all required parts to service 2 carburetors.

Consists, amongst others, of the following parts:

  • 4 175 size Needle valves
  • 4 Fuel Filters
  • 2 Float chamber cover gasket
  • 2 Pump diaphragms
  • Various washers
  • Parts diagram and float level setting instructions

Service kit for Weber IDA 3C 40 and 3C 46 carburetors